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Membership in AUC is reserved for asphalt underlayment roofing manufacturers who are committed to the long-term success of asphalt underlayments for building envelope applications. Asphalt roofing underlayment products bought from an AUC member ensures buyers that they are purchasing materials from a reputable company that meets the codes and standard requirements for safe roofing.

The following AUC membership types are available:

Regular Membership ($20,000/annual)
Any firm, partnership, LLC or corporation headquartered in North America that manufactures asphalt roofing underlayment, is eligible for Regular Membership in AUC upon terms to be fixed by the Board of Directors.  Applicants for membership in AUC that qualify for Regular Membership shall join as Regular Members; provided, however, that nothing herein shall prohibit their subsidiaries from being Associate Members.

Associate Membership ($7,500/annual)
Any firm, partnership, LLC or corporation engaged in supplying components, raw materials, equipment or services for the manufacture, distribution or installation of asphalt roofing underlayment products or systems, may be admitted to Associate Membership in AUC.  Associate Members shall have the rights, privileges and obligations of Membership except the right to vote. Any firm, partnership or corporation that qualifies for Associate Membership, but opts to pay additional dues as prescribed by the Board of Directors, may be admitted as an Affiliate Member.

Affiliate Membership ($20,000/annual)
Affiliate Members shall have the same rights, privileges and obligations as Associate Members, except a limited number of Affiliate Members shall be selected by the Board of Directors to serve on the Board of Directors.  

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...or to learn more about the Asphalt Underlayment Council and inquire about membership, please email info@aucunderlaymentcouncil.org or call 847-686-2243.